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The 4th Trimester Project is lead by Sarah Verbiest, DrPh, MSW, MPH.


Alison Stuebe, MD, MSc is a Co-Investigator on the 4th Trimester Project.


Miriam Labbok, MD, MPH, IBCLC was a Co-Investigator on the 4th Trimester Project. She passed away in August 2016 and is greatly missed.


Kristin Tully, PhD is a Co-Investigator on the 4th Trimester Project.


Ben Goodman, PhD of the Durham Connects program is a 4th Trimester partner.


Monica Simpson of Sister Song Women of Color Reproductive Justice Collective is a 4th Trimester partner.


About Our Investigators

  • Center for Maternal and Infant Health Spring 2017 newsletter Please see the UNC Center for Maternal and Infant Health Spring 2017 newsletter
  • Dr. Kristin Tully quoted by Quartz Kristin Tully says there’s a “definite lack of preparation for the fourth trimester—and the maternity unit is not the place for women to learn.” Dr. Tully says their project’s goal is to “improve what information is provided and when, and how support is provided.” For starters, she says mothers need to “be given a summary of ...
  • Drs. Alison Stuebe and Kristin Tully quoted by Vox “In an ideal world women would get home visits or their family members would get paid leave to attend to them,” says 4th Trimester Project Investigator Dr. Alison Stuebe. “If we’re not going to have that, we need some touchpoint from the health care system to replace that village that is no longer part of ...
  • Dr. Sarah Verbiest quoted by CNN “The significant differences in how babies are getting a start in life speak to larger issues, such as health care access, that need to be dealt with by our society,” says 4th Trimester Project’s Dr. Sarah Verbiest. “All of our sweet babies and families should get to have the best start.”
  • ZERO TO THREE Journal Drs. Sarah Verbiest, Kristin Tully, and Alison Stuebe published “Promoting maternal health in the 4th trimester” in the ZERO TO THREE Journal. “Health care providers may not recognize or encourage close contact with infants, nor view infant behavior as shaping the health and well-being of parents. The concept of the 4th trimester moves the conversation forward ...
  • American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology Drs. Kristin Tully, Alison Stuebe, and Sarah Verbiest published “The fourth trimester: a critical transition period with unmet maternal health needs” in the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology.
  • Investigators 4th Trimester Project Investigators in June 2017 Drs. Ben Goodman, Alison Stuebe, Kristin Tully (Bethany), and Sarah Verbiest
  • 4th Trimester Project 2016 Engagement Meeting on YouTube Patient partners and stakeholders gathered for 4th Trimester Project Unmet Health Needs Engagement Meeting, held in Chapel Hill, NC on March 23, 2016. Watch presentations from stakeholders on our YouTube channel.
  • 4th Trimester Project poster The 4th Trimester Project team recently presented this poster, which provides an overview of the issues currently being discussed among the stakeholders.
  • International Lactation Consultant Association Dr. Kristin Tully will present on the 4th Trimester Project at the International Lactation Consultant Association Conference in Chicago in July 2016.

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